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As a recent graduate, you just landed a job at a career counseling agency. As part of this role, you are given a project to update the resources that are provided to job seekers, including career reference brochures that help individuals understand the career development, lifelong learning opportunities/expectations, and basic requirements to obtain a job in their field.

Your main deliverable for this project will be the written material to be used in the pamphlets. Since you are not a subject matter expert in these areas, you need to use your research skills to find the information needed and cite the sources properly. Just like in the workplace, you are not required to produce the brochure itself; you will research and prepare the content to provide to the graphic design team.


To complete your Portfolio Project, you will need to: 

⦁ Choose a career or job title to research for this pamphlet – a good tip here is to choose a job or career that you’re interested in pursuing for your future to not only apply the research to your own life but also to make it more interesting for you!

⦁ Conduct research from reputable and reliable sources to create written materials that will guide job seekers in their pathway to a career. 

⦁ You will create three (3) 250-word written paragraphs to be included in the pamphlet on these topics:

⦁ Basic requirements needed to obtain the job: What is required to be considered for this job? Any specific degrees, certificates, experience, etc.?

⦁ Career development opportunities for this job: What does the ‘roadmap’ for this career look like? What are responsibilities that can grow within this field, and what other job titles can come after this one? If this job is one point on the career roadmap, what other milestones can come after it? For instance, a career progression or development path for a nurse might be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), then Licensed Practicing Nurse (LPN) and then Registered Nurse (RN). 

⦁ Lifelong learning opportunities/expectations for this job: What are professional organizations that an individual in this career path can join? What learning opportunities exist to keep their content knowledge up to date and accurate? What expectations for lifelong learning are set within this field, such as CEU (Continuing Education Units) and/or re-certification requirements?

Requirements and Formatting

Your three (3) content paragraphs should be a minimum of 250 words each. Across all three content paragraphs you must use four (4) total different sources from the Virtual Library, research, coursework in your program of study, and other credible resources to help support your answers. Be sure that you appropriately cite your resources within the written research (parenthetical citation) as well as with a full APA reference citation page.

Your Portfolio Project must be formatted as follows:

⦁ APA formatting, including reference page

⦁ Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font

⦁ 1-inch margins

⦁ Clearly define your work for each content area: Basic Job Requirements, Career Development, and Lifelong Learning Opportunities

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