#PowerPoint 1G Northern Lights

Open   the file Student_PowerPoint_1G_ Northern_Lights.pptx downloaded with this project.

Replace all occurrences of the   text North with Northern and then change layout of Slide   1 to Title Slide.

Apply the Ion theme with the   second, blue variant to the presentation.

Change the Slide Size to   Widescreen (16:9).

Display Slide 2, open the Reuse   Slides pane, and then from your downloaded files browse for and display the   presentation p01G_Slides.pptx. If   necessary, clear the Keep source formatting check box, and then insert the   last two slides.
   Note, Mac users, after importing the slides, delete Slide 3-Alaska Slides

Display Slide 2. In either the   slide pane or in the slide outline,  click at the end of the first bullet   point after the word time. Press   SPACEBAR. Add the words for viewing and then in the same slide, increase the list   level of the second and third bullet points.

With Slide 2 still displayed,   select the title and change the Font Size to 32. In the Notes pane, type the   following notes: The lights reach their peak in September and March. Be sure to type the period at   the end of the sentence.

Display Slide 3. Select the   paragraph of text, and then change the  Font Color to in the last column, the   third color. Change the Font  Size to 16, and then apply Bold.

In the same paragraph, change the Line Spacing to 1.5, and then   center the paragraph and the slide title.

With Slide 3 still displayed,   format the picture with the Soft Edge Rectangle picture style and the Marker   artistic effect.

Display Slide 4. In the content placeholder on the right, from your   downloaded files, insert the picture p01G_Lights.jpg.   Apply the Reflected Rounded Rectangle picture style.

Move Slide 3 between Slides 1   and 2.

Display Slide 4. Insert a New   Slide with the Section Header layout. In the title placeholder, type Visit   Fairbanks and View the Northern Lights! In the text placeholder type With Kodiak   West Travel

Apply the Uncover transition and   change the Effect Options to From  Top. Change the Timing by increasing the   Duration to 01.25. Apply the  transition effect to all of the slides.

Insert a Header & Footer on   the Notes and Handouts. Include the  Date and time updated automatically, the   Page number, a Footer with  the text 1G_Northern_Lights and then apply to all the   slides.

Display the Document Properties.   Type northern   lights, Fairbanks   as the Tags.
   Note—Mac users use the Keywords box.

Fundamentals of Security

In discussions with the IT Director you discover that previous requests for network monitoring software were denied despite the large number of devices and logs spread throughout the enterprise. She has new found hope that the change in culture and philosophy with senior leadership will reduce the burden on the network team so they can focus on other high priority efforts. 

write a point paper: 

Discuss the importance of network monitoring software.  

Include a summary of the various network devices and their role in network security.  

Discuss how critical log management is in identifying security incidents.  

Provide a brief description of an enterprise network management solution by doing a search on the web.

I have a deadline by tomorrow 11 AM. let me know soon.


1) Assume you have a 5 number bike lock of the form where you roll each key. Each key is hexadecimal (yes we’re geeks) and you have learned 3 of the keys (not in any order though). What is max number of attempts to open the lock? Please show all math. (Hint, first show how many tries for 4 keys and one unknown).

2)  For this use a Windows based machine…use the lab machines if you don’t own one. Locate the Windows Event Viewer and open it

  1. How many warnings in (list the first      10 and describe what the warnings are):

Answer here: list at least 10 warnings and give context of these warnings if necessary (i.e. add a minimum of 100 words for describing what they are)

  1. Do the same for System (list the first      10 and describe what the warnings are).

Answer here: list at least 10 warnings and give context of these warnings if necessary (i.e. add a minimum of 100 words for describing what they are)


3)Research and describe, w/diagrams, how AES and DES algorithms work.

total minimum of 900 words split up as follows: 450 words for AES and 450 words for DES. Also include detailed technical diagrams 

Analyzing & Visualizing Data


  •   Complete the Developing Intimacy with your Data Exercise located at the following link:
    Working With Data (Click chapter 4 and then exercises)
    Submit a brief paper discussing:
  • Why you selected your data set?
  • What are the physical properties of the data set?
  • What could you do/would you need to do to clean or modify the existing data to create new values to work with? 
  • What other data could you imagine would be valuable to consolidate the existing data?
  • Include a screenshot showing your using R, SQL, or Python to perform a manipulation of your data.


  • By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are  submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign™  services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy;  (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your  institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be  without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.  


Please answer below questions(plagiarism applies)

  1. Discuss each of the following terms:
    1. data
    2. field
    3. record
    4. file
  2. What is data redundancy?
  3. Discuss the disadvantages of file-based systems.
  4. Explain the difference between data and information.
  5. Use Figure 1.2 (below attachment) to answer the following questions.
    1. In the table, how many records does the file contain?
    2. How many fields are there per record?
    3. What problem would you encounter if you wanted to produce a listing by city?
    4. How would you solve this problem by altering the file structure?