Wk 1 – Apply: Identifying and Mitigating Risks

Assignment Content

  1. You’ve been learning about various vulnerabilities and their associated risks this week. Keep in mind that companies are not always able to fix all their discovered vulnerabilities.

    Select an organization of your choice and research 5 of their most common vulnerabilities, threats, and risks.

    Write a 2 – to 3-page recommendation on the steps the organization should take to remediate or mitigate these vulnerabilities, threats, and risks.

    If you found actual examples of an organization’s vulnerabilities, risks, or threats, describe how the organization approached remediation and/or mitigation. Annotate those that were fixed or unable to be fixed.

    Include impacts to the organization in terms of people, network, data, or reputation.

    Cite references as necessary to support your assignment.

    Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

    Assignment checklist: 

    1. The total paper must be 700 – 1050 words (about 2-3 pages but I will be looking at word count) 
    2. Use the bullets or key points in the instructions and create corresponding heading and sub headers. This way it will be obvious that you hit the key points 
    3. Include at least one references that are properly cited 
    4. Any images must have a caption and referenced in the paper. 
    5. Combine the screenshots and the remainder of the assignment into one APA formatted document. If you submit the assignment in multiple parts you will lose points   
    6. Follow APA format (fonts, etc) – For details on the formatting see the UOP library tab. 
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