I need a website built

It needs to have 6 pages to include an index page with each bike listed and picture that you can click on to get to each bike. 

A comprehensive review on E-BIKES 

There needs to be an index page along with 5 pages reviewing the pros and cons of each E-bike.

It needs to have substantial information along with CSS, multimedia, images, Pros & cons in an unordered list. 

The list of of E-bikes that need to be reviewed are:

SONDORS FOLD X https://shop.sondors.com/products/sondors-fold-x-october-2020

JETSON METRO FOLDING E-BIKE https://ridejetson.com/products/metro-folding-electric-bike

Nakto Skylark https://www.e-bikes.com/products/folding-16-black-skylark

Quitekat  750 https://www.bikeberry.com/quietkat-750-bandit-folding-frame-electric-bike.html

E-MOJO 500 https://www.bikeberry.com/electric-bikes/folding-e-bikes/e-mojo-500w-lynx-pro-fat-tire-folding-electric-bike.html

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