3-1 Project One


You decide to research several organizations and focus on one to start. Select one organization from the Business Organizations document in the Supporting Materials section below. You will compare and contrast Currier Grocery (the organization you currently work for) and the one organization you select. To guide your research and personal job notes, address the following in the template provided:

  • An organization’s form is the overarching characteristics that define the type of organization, including how and why the organization formed; the organization’s location(s), size, and type of ownership; whether the organization is nonprofit or for-profit; the goods and services the organization offers; how long the organization has been in business; and the organization’s mission, vision, and core values. Compare and contrast the characteristics of each organization’s form. Specifically, be sure to identify the characteristics of each organization’s form and take note of the similarities and differences between each.
  • Organizations are typically organized or structured into groups of functional areas. These functional areas develop groups of staff, or departments, to ensure the smooth flow of information and operations within the organization structure. Describe the role of key functional areas within each organization. Consider the following:
    • What key functional areas exist within each organization?
    • What role does each function play within the organization?
    • How might a data professional support the organization’s functions?
  • Discuss the relationship between each organization’s form and its functions within the organization. Specifically, address the following:
    • How might the purpose of each functional area vary based on the form of the organization?
    • What functional areas might a data analyst work closely or consult with?

 Review the business organizations in Supporting Materials and select one. You will compare and contrast your current employer, Currier Grocery, to the organization you selected. Prepare and organize your notes into 2 to 3 pages. All references must be cited in APA format. 

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