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  1. Imagine this scenario: After considering their 3 target markets, Pine Valley Furniture’s board of directors has selected the student furniture project for the WebStore. They are asking you to help them choose a method for determining the requirements. 

    Create a 12- to 18-slide presentation in which you:

    • Compare traditional, contemporary, radical, and agile methodologies for requirements gathering.
    • Outline advantages and disadvantages in your comparison.
    • Recommend the methodology you think will work best for Pine Valley Furniture’s student furniture WebStore.
    • Explain the figure below. It used to be “Figure 7-22: Level-0 DFD for the WebStore” of Ch.7, “Structuring System Process Requirements” from Modern Systems Analysis and Design. 
    • Figure 7-22: Level-0 DFD for WebStore

      Include detailed speaker notes.

      Consider incorporating multimedia and images where appropriate.

      Cite references to support your assignment.

      Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

      Submit your assignment.


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