Fund of Data systems

Last week, you read a bit about some of the major historical innovations that were responsible for modern data management systems. If you had to think back to just the past twenty years, what modern technical innovation innovation do you feel has been instrumental in this most recent data evolution, 

  • Your initial entry must be 1 -2 paragraphs long. It must contain meaningful, researched and substantive content. 
  • Your entry must be unique. 
  • Your entries must contain a MINIMUM of three unique academic journal articles and research sources. Blogs, Wikis, and Online News Sources will NOT be accepted. I will spot check all entries. Any entry I find that is non-conforming to the cited source will receive an automatic zero as this is considered plagiarism. 
  • You must cite all references using APA and apply APA Style throughout the entire paper. 10% of your grade is based on APA Style.
  • You must spell check / grammar check your paper. 10% of your grade is based on following this criteria. 
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