Workshop on Hiring People with Disabilities

 Masters Degree

Deliverable 3 – Workshop on Hiring People with Disabilities


Design reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of employees and the organization.


You are the HR Director of a regional, non-franchised chain of restaurants. In a strategic meeting last month, you presented to the CEO that the diversity of the chain’s workforce is not up to standards. The CEO wants to increase the diversity of the staff and has asked you for recommendations. As you review the employee data for your firm, you realize that people with disabilities are not represented well in the organization and advise the CEO that an authentic effort should be made to increase hiring from this category of employees. She agrees but cautions that there will likely be pushback from the line managers about doing so. The CEO instructs you to gain support and buy-in from the line managers for hiring people qualified individuals with disabilities. You decide to do this by hosting a mandatory workshop designed to educate line managers on ADA and hiring people with disabilities.


Prepare an outline for the workshop. Content should be listed in bulleted form. Include the time needed to cover each topic and provide an agenda for the workshop. The content should cover the following points:

  • Demonstrates a business case for hiring people with disabilities, to include information stated in the ADA ACT.
  • Discriminates between facts and common misconceptions regarding ADA, to include the legal definitions of impairment, and which disabilities are protected by the ADA.
  • Provides examples of reasonable accommodations and actual costs of the same.
  • Explains what constitutes a qualified individual according to ADA and how qualified individuals with disabilities can benefit the organization in the same way as those without disabilities.
  • Provides attribution for credible sources used in your outline.
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