Wk 4, HCS/ 341: DR 2

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Elida Calderon

8:56 AM

Strategies to consider when delivering performance appraisals to health care employees are to prepare, make it a conversation, have an actions plan, set goals, and to document. To prepare means to review previous appraisals, this will give you something to compare their progress to. It’s also helpful to review their most recent work and provide feedback as needed, not just on an annual basis. Making it a conversation eases the tension because the employee doesn’t feel lectured. Instead they become more open and honest when they’re involved. An action plan helps with the employees strengths and weaknesses, as it’s directed towards their goals. Which is the next strategy, to set clear and realistic goals for the employee during the appraisal. The final strategy is to properly document everything, this way you have something to look back and compare it to the following year.

The company I work for completes performance appraisals every year, through a process that has a few steps. They first have us complete a self-evaluation, that goes to the manager. Then the manager completes their part, meets with the employee and reviews the appraisal. Money is not discussed, instead we are given an envelope with a letter that shows what our percentage increase is if any. You can either sign the appraisal agreeing or request to further discuss. I think it’s a good process because it makes it less awkward for my manager and myself.

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