Human resources week 4

Week 4- Non-Outdoor Education? 

I think that was the heavy lifting reading for the entire semester. Hopefully that quickly positioned Outdoor Ed, and made it increasingly clear that Outdoor Education has developed outside/apart of more ‘formal’ educational practices and institutions. Please watch the following video for an accelerated look at the history of western education as Sir Ken Robinson identifies current failings of our more formal Kinder – 12 grade education system. The video is fast and jam packed so don’t be afraid to give it two viewings. 

* Please don’t get too hung up on the speakers example of ADD/ADHD as it is admittedly a hyper-polarizing example of anesthetization of current students. 

Please reflect via a typed response and synthesize this video with our History of Outdoor Education assignment, and your annotated Bibliography articles.

Record/write as much or as little as you would like, but please submit a reflection.

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