Ethics, Culture, and Diversity Presentation


Assignment Content

  1.     You have been asked to present at an upcoming retreat for local leaders who are interested in learning how ethics, culture, and diversity contribute to an effective organizational environment.

    Prepare a 13- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to support the primary topics you will discuss.

    Generate detailed speaker’s notes for each of your content slides. Your speaker’s notes should be written as if you were giving an actual presentation, so write well and communicate your information clearly. Justify your content with support from your textbook, peer-reviewed research, and other sources.

    Your presentation must include an appropriate cover slide, agenda slide, reference slide, and 10 to 12 content-specific slides.

    Review the Top Ten Slide Tips website to assist you in developing a quality, academically appropriate presentation.

    Format your citations and reference page according to APA guidelines.

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