Discussion – Week 8-8130

Assessment and Evaluation

Sue is a health care administrator who manages a small rural community health clinic. One of the community health clinic’s initiatives is to implement a scalable approach to aid in the monitoring and prevention of environmental illnesses associated with the predominant agricultural landscape that the community health clinic serves. While the community health clinic is currently tasked with establishing a center and office to develop this program more fully, Sue is experiencing direct competition from a corporate organization that is marketing a similar program and center for employees employed at a nearby water treatment facility.
Before such programs can begin targeting members of the community at large, formal presentations need to be made to a group of community stakeholders and leaders at the main community center. Sue wants to highlight the ability of the community health clinic to offer the needed services to not only monitor environmental health and illness but also to capitalize on the clinic’s ability to treat and manage such cases. In order to effectively demonstrate that this program should be contained within the community health clinic, Sue has directed her staff to conduct both internal and external assessments. These assessments will focus on strategically positioning the community health clinic in offering this program and associated services to the community at large. As Sue coordinates this initiative, she begins to contemplate the inherent benefits and risks associated with internal and external assessments of her community health clinic.

For this Discussion, review the resources for this week that describe the different types of internal and external assessments that might be used by health care organizations. Consider how your agency might use these different types of internal and external assessments to market new health programs. Then, reflect on what consequences a health care agency might face in marketing a health program without internal and external assessment.

By Day 3

Post a brief description of the types of internal and external assessments used by the agency that you selected for your Final Project for marketing new health programs. Then, explain consequences that a health care agency might encounter without internal and external assessment, and why.

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