What went wrong

  • Read the Week 1 lecture which introduces us to Emma and CM Tech.  Also read Chapter 1 of our text which introduces you to all the things NOT to do.  The chapter is only 2 pages long and provides a lot of great insights into our topics.  Remember, you will be shadowing our fictitious manager, Emma, for the next 8 weeks in our course.  Emma has asked you to think about your past experiences and consider what your current or previous employers did that brought out poor performance from you or your coworkers.  Her goal is to discuss with you what didn’t work very well so you can both look to the future, helping ensure the team chooses a successful path without repeating past mistakes.  

In your initial discussion post share with your classmates your experiences as Emma requested.  In your responses to your peers expand on similar experiences you may have had or share experiences you’ve had that would have worked well to avoid the poor performance issues in their examples.  

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