review the slides and respond to the 3 following questions

Direction and Assignment

1. Please review the following video. Brian Johnson discusses an old book that is still popular today. This is a very person-centered book on where wisdom comes from…it’s about developing yourself. It profoundly influenced me as a young girl, and through time, changed the circumstances of my life. Remember what I have said: You can manage your life, or you can lead it. Looking back on my life, I believe I lead it, even when I didn’t realize it. It felt like “barely managing it” at times when I was young. But now I realize that some of the yardsticks I was using to measure myself were invalid. I was just too young and inexperienced to realize that. 

The Search for One’s Personal Best and Its Corporate – and Global Impacts  watch the video – bonus – a fill copy of the book is appended below.

2. Carefully review the following slide deck.

LCBleadership.pptx (1032780)

There is a quick writing assignment on slide – please do it. Not to send in to me, but please do it.

3. PLEASE WRITE AND HAND IN  – After reviewing the slides, a. List your personal leadership traits as you see them. There is a list of some traits in the slides.  b. List a trait or two that you would like to further develop, and how those traits will help *you* if you nurture them. 

Bonus Material!

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