Final DUE BY 12 Noon Sunday 10/11/2020


1. In an episode of the Different World, guest starring Tisha Campbell-Martin as Josie Webb, a Hillman student who is HIV-positive comes out to her classmates about her illness in an English class. Around this same time the original episode aired, former basketball star Magic Johnson disclosed his HIV status in a news conference. Compare the way we look at HIV/AIDS then and now. Also how did shows like DW start the discussion in the African American community about this subject.?

2. In the State of North Carolina, which population has the highest new rates of HIV? (Race, Age, Sexuality)

3. What are some safety precautions against the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections?

4. Why is HPV more dangerous for women than men?

5. What are the 4 stages of syphilis?

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