Employee Development and Performance


Continuing from the Strategy, Planning, and Selection assignment, you were selected as the new HR director for the retail company and now have been in the position for approximately six months. Your approach to strategy, planning, and selection have been quite successful thus far, and now it is time to address the organization’s expectation for performance and development of employees since these components of HR strategy are critical in achieving business outcomes and success.


Write a four- to five-page paper in which you do the following:

  • Critically analyze and discuss any researched (web or textbook) training process model you may consider for use in developing employees (Here’s an idea: The Addie Model or exhibit 7-1, page 230 in the textbook). Then, identify and discuss some possible challenges that might be faced in implementing a new training process in the company.
  • List and briefly discuss at least three types or methods of training that can be used for employee training. Of the three, which would you select to train the retail employees, and why? Be specific.
  • Differentiate the concepts of performance management and performance appraisal with three to four key points. Then, make your case to leadership for or against using annual performance appraisals in the organization. Be specific with your perspective.
  • Use at least four quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: You may only use the resources listed in the Course Guide and those that are specifically provided by the professor.

This course requires students to use APA 6 or APA 7 and must indicate their choice on the assignment cover page.


Required Resources (must be used as reference in every course assignment)

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Supplemental Resources (highly recommend to use)

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