Wk 5, HCS/341: DR 1

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Respond to the following:


Gedalia “Gee” Nunez

5:39 PM


What are some strategies you can use, as a health care manager, to overcome human resources challenges? 

As a manager i think that to overcome human resources challenges is to keep all employees in knowledge with law n compliance of the organization. because if an employee come to me with insight on a work method that is good for all employees and organization then I would like to try it out first and then I would introduce to healthcare team, but make sure that all new methods coincide with compliance.

This will help in the trust with the employees and also make you a good leader for the organization. The employee will have confidence in you and if any thing come forward again then they know to come to you first.

What current or future challenges do you believe you will have to overcome? 

i think that the future in healthcare is both certain and uncertain because with this pandemic we have lost so many in the healthcare (RIP) and having that challenge of finding both nurses and doctors to filled them spots is hard, because me thinking some are scared and they might not want to come back because of their own families and not putting them in danger. I hope that this pandemic passes and we have a new workforce of nurses and doctors available again to be there for all that are in need

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