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My life is project management. I have to use schedules with my wife, grown children, colleagues I work with and especially myself. I am a very disciplined person when I set my mind to accomplish something. What keeps everything ticking like clockwork (along with the occasional work mishaps and home bloopers) is my personal mission and vision statement. It is the reason why I go to work everyday and it keeps everything in balance no matter the adversity that comes. I am man about fulfilling the Creator’s purpose in my life and therefore because I know certain aspects of it, the way project management’s approach to stating and completing a project is how I approach many things in my life. I am a sound decision maker and assess the risks of decisions and weigh them against the project outcome or real life situational outcome of my life. Key pertinent questions include, “If I make X decision what is every possible outcome it could have? What is the actual problem I am facing? (The book gives a fascinating insight concerning this. It notes that “the way you define a problem determines how you will solve it,” (p.59 or Location 970 in Kindle). The example goes on to note a person experiencing a car breakdown and in an attempt to define the problem, they devise a solution that cannot solve the immediate concern of getting to work. Yes you need to get the car repaired but asking how funds to get the car repaired is not the right question. The right question is how am I going to get to work. Other questions I ask include, “is the outcome of the decision I make a memory I want to live with?” “How will this impact the budget and well being of all involved?” Lastly, in a more personal way, will the choice I make I make regarding this situation move me one step closer in the direction of purpose and destiny? I hope you would consider these same aspects regarding decisions you have to make and apply principles and concepts from project management to your life. It will help you become more organized, effective and efficient in your personal performance.   


Heagney, J. (2016). Fundamentals of project management. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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