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 Discuss the adverse impact of stereotyping in the workplace. Give detailed examples of various HR functions where stereotyping may occur. Examine the consequences of stereotyping as they relate to an employer’s exposure to liability. 

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Stereotyping is often a gateway to harassment and discrimination, but even if it does not progress to those extents, it is a danger to the functionality of any workplace. It creates tensions and barrier between employees and management and limits the potential of an organization’s employees.

Stereotyping can occur in virtually any HR function. It can happen in recruiting by choosing which collage fair to attend based on diversity demographics. It can happen in workplace safety by designing trainings for younger audiences, assuming they are more careless or less knowledgeable. Likewise, stereotyping can happen in other training and development by targeting specific groups of people while leaving others out because of a stereotype that a particular group has less knowledge, talent, or skill. Stereotyping can present itself while resolving workplace conflicts or even designing benefit packages by relying on generalizations of people instead of getting to the root of the problem or finding out what is most important to individual employees.

The bottom line is that stereotyping is a slippery slope that increases an employer’s liability. The more instances of stereotyping, the harder it becomes to prove that the employer is acting without bias or discrimination.

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