The Genesis of Labor Unions; The Teamsters

Using the thesis that has been written (see below).

Need a 2 page (Title and reference page not included) on the Topic above. Discussing the origin of “Teamsters” union and the direction this union is going. Discuss how the Teamsters union has supported it’s members and how the it has continue to rise.

– APA Edition 7 format

– 2 references 


The origin of labor unions as an organized enterprise fighting for worker’s rights has been somewhat turbulent from colonial times. The seemingly genuine and rational concept of advocating for safer working conditions and better remuneration was not enough to unite a working-class with not prevailing ideology of solidarity at the time (Reynolds, 1984). However, with the changing of the economic landscape and labor markets in the 1930s, a series of significant labor legislation favoring unionists provided the ideal framework for the union’s resurgence and growth, now with government endorsement (Sloane & Witney, 2010, p. 64). While Some may argue that the Teamsters’ connection to corruption and bad actors is the main reason for their existence, Teamsters’ success came from its “inventiveness” and energy (Orenic, 2018, p. 49). For over a century, this union has found ways to adapt to the ever-changing labor force. It could be argued upon that Teamsters addition of women and African-American workforce members, propelled them into the national stage (Orenic, 2018, p. 49). For over a century, Teamsters have survived as a labor union with mostly blue-collar workers and continued leadership. 


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