LP08 Assignment: Risk Management and Safety

 HA3110D – Quality Improvement and Risk Management

  LP08 Assignment: Risk Management and Safety

 Imagine you work in the Quality Improvement/Risk Management/Safety Department at a Joint Commission-Accredited hospital in the midwest. In addition, you have recently been an inpatient for a major, but common, surgery. With your experience as a patient and a quality advocate, you have been asked to develop an educational presentation for patients as preoperative training.


In Microsoft PowerPoint, develop a 10-15 slide, evidence-based presentation. Use information you have learned from:

your textbook,

The Joint Commission

the Josie King website

at least two websites listed on p. 220-222

Identify how healthcare providers keep patients safe AND what the viewers – as patients – can do to protect themselves from potential risks.

Your presentation must:

be 10-15 slides in length NOT including title page AND reference page.

have clear bullet points (NOT complete sentences).

contain clip-art and graphics to keep the audience interested.

contain easy to read font style and size.

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