1. Research and identity the mission statement of five human service agencies. What do the mission statements have in common? What makes each one unique?

Read about creating a statement, go to (Links to an external site.).

Lastly, create your own personal mission statement.

How to Write a Personal Mission Statement! (Links to an external site.) How to Write a Personal Mission Statement! 

2. How might Facebook and Twitter be useful in a workplace environment? What are some possible drawbacks? Would you “friend” a co-worker? supervisor? client? Are you comfortable with co-workers, supervisors, or clients following your tweets, viewing who or what you follow on Twitter, reading your Facebook posts, or looking at your pictures on Facebook? What are some possible safeguards for maintaining appropriate boundaries?

3. Assume that you work with Carlotta Sanchez, the professional described in chapter 11, pg. 367. You have been assigned the task of developing a client satisfaction form. Develop one that addresses the following characteristics of service provision:

  • reliability of service
  • responsiveness
  • courtesy
  • security of records
  • physical setting
  • helpfulness of staff
  • competency of professionals
  • costs of service
  • the relevance of service and needs
  • accessibility of services
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