Resources and References

One of the most important aspects of the research capstone project is the research component and the selection of scholarly references that will be utilized in researching your topic.



  • Create a one-page summary of the scholarly resources you plan on using to support your conclusions in your health care management research capstone paper. Include in your summary why you selected them and how you think they will support your ideas.
  • You are required to use at least three different types of resources (video, website, professional journals, webcast etc).
  • You must develop at least 10 references that you will utilize to conduct research on your health care topic.
  • The Supplemental Resources will provide you with an overview of the resources available in the Herzing University Online Library that will help you to review and secure scholarly resources for your capstone research project.
  • (Please note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable site as its validity of information cannot be supported)
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