human aging

1.    Sexually transmitted diseases are more prevalent among older adults than most people realize. How might this be related to societal attitudes toward sexuality in later life? 2.    A 79-year-old bisexual woman recently moved into an assisted living facility after her partner died. Discuss some issues she might face related to her social and sexual needs, and how you might help people in her situation.3.    List at least three common misconceptions or stereotypes about how older adults express their sexuality, then elaborate on the more nuanced reality surrounding those misconceptions.1.Visit   the   “Sexuality   in   Later   Life”   page   of   the   National   Institute   on   Aging   website (  to  learn  about  sexual  problems  related  to illness, disability, medicine, and surgery. Select four issues that may affect older adults’ ability to have and enjoy sex and describe ways they may be able to manage or overcome them.

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