Due Saturday by 3 pm

Please answer all questions and follow directions. Please make sure that I am able to read and comprehend the assignment, in other words make it make sense. Points will be deducted if directions are not followed. 

Part 1: Research

Conduct  some independent research. Using Rasmussen and other resources, locate  articles, journals, blogs, and websites that identify communication strategies  to build and maintain professional boundaries within a helping relationship.

Part 2: Reflect

For this assignment,  you will create a PowerPoint presentation that focuses on communication  strategies and professional boundaries.

In a minimum of 7-slides (not counting the title slide and  reference slide) address the following:

  • Identify at least  four (4) specific communication strategies to be used within a helping  relationship.
  • Explain at least four  (4) ways professional boundaries should be set and maintained with clients. 
  • Include examples that  consider the client’s diversity, needs, cognitive abilities, and reality when  detailing communication strategies for professional boundaries. 
  • Incorporate two (2) credible resources to support your  communication strategies. Cite source used. 

Additional requirements:

  • Use bullet  points or phrases to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Explain slide  information in the Notes section of the PowerPoint slides.
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