Wk 1, HCS 430: DR 1

Must be a substansive response. Please further discussion.

APA format

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Respond to the following:

Yvette Pierce-Williams

8:48 PM

I think in today healthcare industry health laws and regulation is essential and plays a big part in the healthcare industry. Health laws are use to engage in committed goals. Laws and regulation help observe the knowledge that have created oversights in life and even the healthcare field. These laws and regulations in the federal, state and local bodies of legislatives rules, effectively supports and protects the public and make sure the medical staff is both efficiently receiving the proper compensation and high standards that are given in the healthcare industry.(Maryville University, 2020). Laws and regulations are usually set so one can follow, and not to violate any rules that are set in stone to protect the patients and physicians. The biggest impact on laws and regulation in the healthcare industry, I think is the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This act brought mandatory subsidized healthcare to the U.S. but is only one part of the ACA. The patient part of the act that is called The Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act is what has the biggest part of the healthcare compliance. August 12, 2019



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