modern art


At the turn of the 20th century, Georges Rouault’s art underwent  profound change as a result of a shift in his moral and religious  outlook.

In Chapter 5 of your text:

  • Read “Religious Art for a Modern Age: Georges Rouault,” pages 100–101. 
  • View Rouault’s Jesus Reviled, above, and in Figure 5.17 on page 101.

Please respond to the following in a post of 150 to 200 words:  

  • Describe your reaction to Jesus Reviled in light of Rouault’s profound interaction with the culture of his time. In your response be sure to consider:   
    • How do an artist’s religious or moral beliefs affect the art he or she produces?
    • How do your religious or moral beliefs affect the way you see Rouault’s Jesus Reviled?
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