The Session Long Project is not a term paper due at the end of the course. Rather, the SLP acts as a vehicle to give the topics of each module a personal, concrete expression. These modular Session Long Project assignments are due at the end of each module.

I want you to pick an organization to examine throughout the rest of the course. It may be one you work for or it may not. You will be examining this organization for the following modules’ SLP assignments and responsible for locating at least three references to use in each SLP paper to support your discussion points.

This first SLP deals with the structure of this organization and its inventory management. In 3–4 pages (not counting the cover sheet and reference sheet), describe the organization to include these key areas:

  1. The name of the organization
  2. Its primary business
  3. Why you chose this business
  4. Its inventory management procedures. This is the key aspect of the assignment. Be sure to elucidate this in some detail. Does this company use VMI? Could it use VMI? What does it use to ensure it has the right inventory at the right time and control the costs?

SLP Assignment Expectations

Research the organization with information you can find on the internet or other resources you find on your own. The paper should be 3–4 pages in length and have a cover sheet and a reference page. Clarity of presentation is important, as well as your ability to apply the topics to the logistics area of your selected firm. Use at least 3 different sources of information and annotate your sources of information appropriately on your references page and within the text as necessary. You will be assessed on how well you demonstrate your knowledge of the topic as it applies to your selected firm. Submit your assignment for grading by the end of this module.

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