human resource management


Imagine a scenario where you are a senior HR leader and have been asked to present to the executive team on human resource management, talent management and its connection to strategy.


· Apply the models and theories of Human Resource Management at both the strategic and operational level to improve overall organizational competitiveness.

· Synthesize business competencies to align the human resource functions to support the organization competitiveness and strategic initiatives.

· Apply human resource theory by creating the need for Human Resources Management inside an organization.

· Show how HRM practices contribute to HR models.


· This assignment requires you to create a PowerPoint slide deck of 20 slides with narration (approximately 30-45 minute presentation).

· Your presentation should advocate for the need for HRM. The first two chapters of Slitzer and Dowell (2009) should assist in the creation of this presentation.

You should also include reference to the models within the textbook (specifically Figure 1.2) and explain how the different HRM practices contribute to the model. 

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