Discussion 06.2: Cybersecurity

 HA3110D – Quality Improvement and Risk Management 

Discussion 06.2: Cybersecurity


On April 9, 2017, Erie County Medical Center, a 550-bed facility in Buffalo, NY, had a virus attack on their computer system that took well over a week to restore. The system was completely shut down and staff had to use manual, paper-based processes to complete documentation of patient-related activities.

Imagine that you are a manager at this medicalcCenter assigned to develop a policy for your unit on good computer habits to avoid potential cybersecurity risks in the future. Address the following.

1.Who you would include on your team, and why?

2.List at least five evidence-based processes you would implement. (Include your references.)

3.You must provide one reliable resource supporting your actions.

In your first response to a classmate, pose a question starting with “I found myself wondering…..” (or similar). 

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