Exp22_Word_Ch02_CumulativeAssessment – Space

Project Description:

In this project, you will use Word to prepare a document publicizing a series of space camp programs, designed for families and individuals. You will format the document as appropriate and include graphics to enhance document content.

Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Word_Ch02_CumulativeAssessment_Space.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. Ensure that nonprinting characters are displayed.

Select Underwater Astronaut Trainer in the first body paragraph and bold   it. Select Thermal Design Challenge   in the first body paragraph and bold it. Select all text from Space Academy on page 1 through Pack your bags on page 2 and change   the font to Cambria with a font size of 14. Change the alignment of selected   text to Justify.

Select the bulleted activities   in the Space Academy section on   page 1 and adjust the line spacing to 1.15. Ensure that paragraph spacing   before and after is 0 pt for the selected paragraphs.

Use Format Painter to copy the   format of the bulleted items in the Space   Academy section to bulleted items in the Space Camp section and also in the Adult Space Academy   section. 

Select the final three   paragraphs that are shown above the boxed area at the end of the document,   beginning with Sign up online and   ending with Pack your bags. Apply   numbering, selecting numbers that are followed by a period. Decrease the   indent so that the items begin at the left margin.

Display the ruler. Click or   select the blank paragraph above the bordered text at the end of the   document. Press ENTER. Set a left tab at 1″ and a right tab at 6″. Ensure that the right   tab includes a dash leader. Ensure that the font is 14 pt Cambria.

Press TAB and type SPACE ADVENTURE. (Do not type the period.) Press TAB and type DAVIDSON SPACE CENTER. (Do not type the period.) Drag   or move the 6” tab back to 5.5” on the ruler. Bold the tabbed line of text.

Select the tabbed line of text   and apply a Box border, choosing the first double-line style and ¾ pt width. 

Select the Space Camp Programs heading   at the top of the document. Insert WordArt, choosing Fill: Gray, Accent Color   3; Sharp Bevel (row 2, column 5). Ensure that the font size of the WordArt   heading is 36.

Click or place the insertion at   the end of the third bulleted item at the top of page 2, Compete in camp-wide Challenge nights! Press ENTER. Remove the   bullet from the new line. Insert SmartArt, selecting Circle Arrow Process from the Process group. Type Space Academy   in the top text   placeholder. Type Space Camp in the middle text placeholder. Type Adult Space   Academy in the   lower text placeholder.

Adjust the SmartArt height to   2″ and width to   2”. Change colors to Colorful Range – Accent Colors 2 to 3. Position the   SmartArt object, choosing Position in Middle Right with Square Text Wrapping.

Click or position the insertion   point at the top of the document, beside the Space Academy heading. Insert a Star: 4 Points shape from the Stars and Banners   category. Draw the shape approximately 1″ wide and 1″ high, near   the left margin on the top line of the document. Using the Shape Format tab,   adjust the height and width to exactly 1.

Click or press Align in the   Arrange group on the Shape Format tab. Ensure that Align to Page is selected.   Click or select Align and align the shape in the center. Send the star to the   back so that it is located behind the WordArt heading object.

Change the shape fill of the   star to Gray, Accent 3, Lighter 80%. Change the Shape Outline to Black, Text   1. Apply a glow effect of Glow: 5 point, Orange, Accent color 2.

Group the star and WordArt items   into one object. Change text wrapping of the grouped object to Top and   Bottom.

Select the text Space Academy is the place for trainees to   experience first-hand the future of space travel, and train to solve   technically challenging problems the first sentence in the document. Copy   the selection. Deselect the text. Draw a text box of any size near the middle   of page 1 and paste the copied sentence in the text box. End the sentence   with a period. Adjust text box height to 2″ and width to 4″.

Change the font size of text in   the text box to 20 and change the font to Baskerville Old Face. Center the text.   Adjust text wrapping of the text box to Square. Drag or move the text box to   position it at the left margin above the Space   Camp heading near the bottom of page 1. Two bulleted items should wrap on   the right side of the text box. Apply a shape fill of Gray, Accent 3, Lighter   80%.

View the document in Multiple   Pages and check for any poorly placed headings or shapes. Insert a page break   before Activities at the bottom of   page 1. Insert a page break before It’s   as easy as 1-2-3 at the bottom of page 2.

Save and close Exp22_Word_Ch02_ML2_CumulativeAssessment_Space.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.

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