Project Description:

You and a friend from college are starting a new business, Pool Pros, a pool maintenance and supplies operation. You plan to have on hand various documents and brochures related to pool ownership, one of which you are working with now. You will use skills presented in this chapter to format text, adjust alignment and indents, bullet and number lists, and incorporate various types of graphic objects that help describe the process of caring for a pool.

Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Word_Ch02_Cumulative_Pool.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. Ensure that nonprinting characters are displayed.

Select crystal-clear perfection at the end of the first body paragraph   and bold it. Select all text and change the font to Arial. Change the   alignment of selected text to Justify.

Select the first two body   paragraphs on page 1 and adjust the line spacing to 1.5. Ensure that   paragraph spacing before and after is 0 pt for the selected paragraphs. Apply   a First line indent for the two paragraphs of 0.5″. 

Select all subheadings that are   formatted in bold and change the font size to 14

Select the four paragraphs that   precede the Get Rid of Debris   heading, beginning with Check the   pool’s water balance and ending with Add   an algaecide. Add a Box, double-line border with ¾ line weight and a color of   Blue-Gray, Text 2 (fourth column, first row). Shade the bordered area with Blue-Gray, Text 2 Lighter 60%   (fourth column, third row under Theme Colors).

Display the ruler. Click or   position the insertion point at the top of the document and press ENTER.   Click or select the newly inserted blank paragraph. Drag or move the First   line indent marker back to the left margin to remove the First line indent   from the blank paragraph.

Set a left tab at 1″ and a   right tab at 5″. Ensure that the right tab includes a dash leader. Press   TAB and type Your Pool. (Do not type the period.) Press TAB and type Your Way. (Do not type the period.) Change the font for Your Pool and Your Way to Lucida Calligraphy. Bold both text items on the first   line and change the font size to 10.

Click or position the insertion   point before the second sentence in the first body paragraph at the top of   page 3. The sentence begins with Add   more in hot weather. Delete the preceding space and period that ends the   first sentence. Insert an Em dash symbol and change the case of Add   to add.

Select the four paragraphs in   the shaded area near the top of page 1. Apply numbering, choosing Number   alignment: Left (1., 2., 3.).

Click or position the insertion   point at the top of the document and insert WordArt, selecting Fill: Blue,   Accent color 1; Shadow (row 1, column 2). Type Pool Maintenance. (Do not type the period.)   Change the font size of Pool   Maintenance to 24 and change the Text Fill to Black, Text 1. Ensure that WordArt   font is Arial. Wrap text at Top and Bottom and visually center the WordArt   horizontally on the first line 

Click or position the insertion   point at the end of the document and press ENTER. Insert SmartArt, selecting   Basic Cycle. Display the Text pane. Type Get rid of debris beside the first bullet. Type Vacuum pool beside the second bullet. Type Adjust   chemicals beside   the next bullet. Type Backwash filter and Add chlorine beside the next two bullets. Close the Text pane.

Adjust the SmartArt height to   3″ and the width to 5″. Choose Polished SmartArt style and change colors to Gradient Range   – Accent 3 (row 5, column 3). Choose text wrapping of Square. Align the   SmartArt object in the center relative to margins.

Click or position the insertion   point at the top of the document. Insert a Sun shape from the Basic Shapes category. Draw the   shape approximately 1″ wide and 1″ high, near the left margin on the top line   of the document. Using the Shape Format tab, adjust the height and width to   exactly 1″.

Change the shape fill of the sun   to Yellow. Insert a Cloud shape from the Basic Shapes category, sizing it to   be approximately ¾” high and ¾” wide. Position the shape so that it   overlaps the top right corner of the Sun shape. Change the shape fill of the   cloud to Light   Gray, Background 2. Send the cloud to the back so that it appears to be   peeking out from behind the sun.

Group the cloud and sun shapes   into one object. Duplicate the shape and drag the copy to the right, aligning   it at the right margin on the same line as the WordArt heading. Align the   first shape at the left margin, approximating a mirrored placement of the   copied shape.

Draw a text box of any size near   the middle of page 2. Copy the first sentence in the document, On a searing summer day, a swimming pool   is a welcome respite from the heat. (Include the period.) Paste the   copied sentence in the text box. Adjust text box height to 1″ and width   to 3″. Choose Tight text wrapping.

Change the font size of text in   the text box to 14 and change the font to Tahoma. Center the text. Click or press   Align in the Arrange group on the Shape Format tab and align the text box in   the middle and also in the center of the page. If the text box awkwardly   divides a heading, drag or move it down slightly to better position it   visually. Remove the outline from the text box and apply a shape fill of   Blue-Gray, Text 2, Lighter 80%.

View the document in Multiple   Pages and check for any poorly placed headings. Insert a page break before Vacuum the Pool at the bottom of page   1. Insert a page break before Add   Chlorine to the System at the bottom of page 2.

Save and close Exp22_Word_Ch02_Cumulative_Pool.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.

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